Boothroyd Sheild Executive Close Protection

Executive Close Protection

Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

In uncertain times you want to know that you, your family and colleagues are safe.  Boothroyd Shield offer close protection services for your personal security and peace of mind.  A celebrity or VIP lifestyle may be glitzy, glamorous and luxurious but for some, this lifestyle comes with a very real threat to personal security.  Whatever the circumstances, Boothroyd Shield puts safety and security first.  

The world of social media can blur the lines between celebrity and privacy but not to our trained close protection professionals.  Our close protection security team act as a barrier between the principal and threats to their security, whether the threat be from over enthusiastic fans or those intending real harm.  

The need for security, whether overt or discreet, is determined by each individual’s needs.  A celebrity who seeks the limelight is entitled to privacy without paparazzi intrusion.  A personality who challenges public opinion is entitled to go about their day without harassment and a high profile individual is entitled to feel that they, their family and property are always safe and secure.  Boothroyd Shield has provided protection to principals attending London Fashion Week, the Cannes Film Festival and VIPs on high profile engagements in less than secure environments.  

Executive Close Protection is a security measure aimed at the protection of an individual or group for known or unknown threats and is carried out by trained and certified operatives.  Boothroyd Shield Executive close protection bodyguards are certified in First Aid, Advanced driving and possess the knowledge of security issues and threats.  Where necessary, and where local laws allow, our bodyguards are permitted to carry firearms for your total protection as part of their duties.

Our aim is to keep clients safe and to tend to all their security needs – at home, at work or while travelling,  as dictated by those we protect.