Boothroyd Sheild Residential Security

Residential Security Team

Home Security & Protection

Boothroyd Shield believe the protection of your property is at the front-line of defence and as part of our residential security services we can monitor your home 24/7 – keeping you, your family and your property safe.  No one should feel at risk or vulnerable in their own home, but sadly, wealth and fame attracts a certain level of threat.  

Boothroyd Shield residential security teams are unobtrusive in their safeguarding, working seamlessly alongside your existing staff or caretakers to give you peace of mind at all times.  Close protection officers assigned to your residence will also carry out surveillance detection tasks, ensuring any individuals suspected of trying to monitor your movements will be identified and investigated.  

Boothroyd Sheild residential security teams gained experiences throughout the world provides you with an unbreakable protection screen around your property, be it when away on business or so you and your family can get that much needed rest without having to worry.  You can be rest assured, we have you covered.  An initial security review and risk assessment will be carried out before any deployment and if needed we can combine our residential security team with other assets to enhance the security of your property. 

Our aim is to keep clients safe and to tend to all their security needs – at home, at work or while travelling,  as dictated by those we protect.